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Tamper-Resistant Rx Pads

CMS Required Tamper-Resistant Rx Pads Conforms to all 50 states Prices as low as $26.67 per 1000 plus Shipping Please call 800.366.3194 or email sales@alaforms.com

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Tamper-Resistant Laser Rx Stock

8.5 x 11 Full page,Security Features:

  1. Color void background
  2. Opaque watermark printed on back
  3. Erasure protection (toner lock/chemical reactive)
  4. Heat sensitive verification ink printed on both sides

Priced at $130.00 per carton (2,500 sheets) + shipping

<b><u>Tamper-Resistant Laser Rx Stock

Confidential Patient Sign-In Log

Provide your patients with an added measure of privacy with our Confidential Patient Sign-In Log. After patients sign in, labels peel off showing no protected information. 1 carton is $75.00 + shipping. There are 250 sheets per carton (enough to sign in 3750 patients). Please call or email us today!

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